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Kitchen Remodelingdone by experts

Kitchen Remodeling Company near Omaha Lincoln Council Bluffs: Remodeling your entire kitchen is a big project, regardless whether you’re doing the entire thing or just replacing a few parts. That’s why it’s vital that you go with professionals like the experts at Lincoln Household Services. Every kitchen remodeling project is going to come with certain inconveniences and challenges, but we can guarantee to make getting the kitchen of your dreams as easy as possible.

We’ll start with a detailed discussion with you about your vision and tastes. Then, our professional team with help you choose just the right features and colors to give life to your kitchen remodeling. Our Lincoln Household Services professional kitchen renovation contractors will put it all together for you, making sure every detail is given the attention it needs. In the end, you’ll have that perfect kitchen you have always wanted, full of updated style and incredible function that is the heart and soul of your home.

In our office or in the field we always try to follow our values:

  • Integrity
  • Committed to our clients
  • Passionate in what we do
  • Original in work
  • Straightforward
  • Respectfulness
  • Teamwork and collaboration

Hire only the best Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA kitchen remodeling contractor

Kitchen Remodeling Company near Omaha Lincoln Council Bluffs:  Kitchen remodeling is both exciting and a great investment if your contractor has a viable plan to make it happen the way you imagined it. Kitchens are the heart of a home and provide the greatest ROI to your home’s value. This is no place to cut corners on workmanship. Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA Renovation is the difference between disappointment and We’d hire you again in a heartbeat!

Our kitchen remodeling is more affordable than you think.

Low overhead, thorough planning, and doing the job right the first time make Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA Renovation the best choice for kitchen remodeling. We take a no nonsense approach with your home and your budget. Yes, there are times when we uncover hidden problems during the job. But if that happens, we won’t cover it up or take advantage of you to make it right. We’ll sit down with you and discuss the solution that makes the most sense for your kitchen remodel and then do it.

You can trust that your kitchen will be done right.

No one wants to redo a kitchen remodel within a couple years. Yet we’ve acquired many of our clients fixing the things that were not done correctly by someone else. We will begin your project by providing and explaining detailed plans for how we’re going to finish your kitchen. Before we start work, we spend hours with yards of plastic barrier and tape to protect the rest of your home and furnishings from dirt and dust. We never farm out work to the lowest bidder. Our experienced crew of talented artisans has been with us for years. Ask our clients. They’ll tell you their project went well beyond their expectations.

  • Is ethical and client-focused in all we do
  • Is fully insured
  • Respects and protects your home while we work
  • Keeps overhead low to save you money
  • Is RRP Certified (Renovation, Repair and Painting) by the EPA
  • National Association of the Remodeling Industry
  • Kitchen remodeling project step by step

Once you’ve committed to a remodel, there’s a few things to take a look at. First, make sure to set a reasonable budget. We offer very competitive pricing and are happy to work with you to make sure your kitchen is everything you dreamed of. Then, it’s time to consider what you want to have done! Kitchen cabinets are a top way to add value to your home. Increasing storage, improving the aesthetic, and overall greater utility are extremely valuable improvements. New countertops are also a beautiful way to improve your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for granite, marble, or synthetic options, we carry them all.

Remodeling your kitchen can be intimidating. There is the price, the commitment, and the challenge of it all. But at the end of the day, the value gained is greater than the cost and Lincoln Household Services will make sure your kitchen remodel goes smoothly and comes out exactly as you hoped.

Your Dream Kitchen come true

Kitchen Remodeling Company near Omaha Lincoln Council Bluffs:  A kitchen can be a place where friends and family gather to cook, talk amongst each other, eat, laugh and make memories. Your kitchen can finally be the space you’ve always wanted it to be fully functional and up to date.

If you desire a total makeover for your kitchen contact us at Budget Construction Company. Each kitchen we remodel is custom-designed allowing you to choose the style, material, finishes, and colors you love.

Whether your home is new or old, remodeling your kitchen adds considerable value and equity to your home, not only will you love your new kitchen but it’s a worthy investment for the future

With Budget Construction Company at your side, one of our kitchen remodeling consultants will help you plan and design your new kitchen. Everything from aesthetics, materials, functionality, and cost will be looked over so you get your dream kitchen without going over your budget.

Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Company near Omaha Lincoln Council Bluffs:  Your kitchen cabinets can have a huge impact on the way your kitchen looks and feels, it’s a sure way to give your kitchen a quick update without breaking the bank. While also being aesthetically pleasing your kitchen cabinetry provides functionality as well.

A kitchen cabinet remodel allows you to store your pots, pans, dishes and various kitchen and cooking appliances while also knowing where they are and allowing you to easily access them without looking through countless cabinets.

We have a wide variety of kitchen cabinets to choose from to fit your style and budget such as slab-flat, recessed, raised, and routed. With Budget Construction Company at your side, we can provide whatever you need.

Granite Counter Tops

Kitchen Remodeling Company near Omaha Lincoln Council Bluffs:  Granite countertops have a rich beauty that few other countertops can match. With its timeless aura and natural appeal, granite countertops can add a beautiful finish to any kitchen. Granite countertops can take your kitchen, visually, to the next level. As Granite is a hard substance it’s not susceptible to scratches and is far more durable than any other countertop.

We import exclusive premium quality granite slabs from the most prestigious quarries around the world. Offering our Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA clients high-quality granite is of utmost importance to us. We give you our guarantee that your countertops will be exceptionally beautiful and will last for many years to come.


Kitchen Remodeling Company near Omaha Lincoln Council Bluffs:  The layout of your kitchen is one of the most important and difficult decisions you’ll have to make in the kitchen remodeling process. Much of your decision will be dictated by the space available to you. For example, a thin, rectangular-shaped space can only be transformed into a gallery or one-wall-kitchen. Before deciding on a specific layout it’s important to take into consideration the position of the electrical, gas, and plumbing connections because moving any of these outlets can be costly. We have a range of kitchen layouts to choose from which include one wall, two walls, L-shape, U-shape, Island, and Open Plan.


Kitchen Remodeling Company near Omaha Lincoln Council Bluffs:  Kitchen sinks are not just a basic necessity for the kitchen, they are the focal point that compliments the rest of the kitchen’s design. It’s a vital part of upgrading your kitchen and improving the overall look of the design.

Your kitchen sink can provide style and function accentuating your kitchens design and overall appeal. Not every sink is right for every kitchen, so finding the right kitchen sink for your home is important.

We have a variety of kitchen sink styles to suit any budget and design. Our Lincoln Household Services designs include but are not limited to a large double bowl sink, a modest single bowl sink, and an elegant bar sink.

New Appliances

Modern technology boasts an enormous array of kitchen appliances, from stoves and dishwashers to coffee machines and food disposal units. The types of appliances you choose for your kitchen are dependent on many factors including design, practicality, and cost.

We Lincoln Household Services will help guide you through the entire process of helping you choose if you want to go with gas or electrical cooking appliances and what kind of brand you favor the most. Many brands offer kitchen package deals that will save you tons of money if you stick with one brand of appliances.

With the help of our Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA kitchen remodeling experts, we can help you choose the right appliances that help boost the design and overall feel of your kitchen. This can range anywhere from what brand to choose from, the quality of the appliance, and its design. With Budget Construction Company at your side, we can help make sure you get the best appliances for your kitchen at the most affordable price.

A Compact, Elegant Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA Kitchen

This Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA kitchen was given a complete renovation after a full demolition. The old floor was replaced with tiles to complement the fresh color palette of the space. We fabricated and installed a custom countertop, and installed under cabinet lighting beneath their new cabinets. We added finishing touches with open shelves and sleek appliances. The result is a compact kitchen that’s big on style yet affordable.

A Sleek, Modern Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA Kitchen

The island is the focal point of this sleek Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA kitchen, and we drew attention to it with a dark, elegant matte blue. The island plays the dual role of a prep station and storage with sleek cabinets and a wine cooler. A set of pendant lamps above the island offer the perfect accent lighting and the wooden floors add warmth and intimacy. Design highlights include the hexagonal, grey-and-white backsplash tiles; the statement mirror in the dining area; and the dramatic chandelier that we used over the metal and wood dining table which is complemented with sleek, grey chairs.

Luxury Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

An open-concept kitchen and dining area that we remodeled. Spacious and refreshing, we opted for a neutral, cool color palette of dark grays, whites, and blues. A unique hexagon mosaic backsplash adds depth and interest, especially as it contrasts against the thunderstorm gray cabinets. Rustic wooden display shelves add extra surface space and warmth, while complementing the gold hardware and light fixtures. We were able to fit in a simple yet chic dining area, which is incorporated perfectly just outside of the cooking area. This new & improved set-up is perfect for entertaining and bringing the whole party together. Lastly, we designed a subtle, yet elegant mudroom. With cabinets & bench seating that match the dark gray cabinets of the kitchen, these two areas merge effortlessly and ensure one cohesive design throughout.

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel

Our Lincoln Household Services clients were after a larger, more family-style kitchen as they have two young children. This new and improved layout showcases a large kitchen island with seating for the whole family on one end and full-cabinet storage on the other. The goal was to design a low-maintenance kitchen that would be easy to keep spic and span, as clutter would have taken away from the light and airy aesthetic. A light gray kitchen island and subway tile backsplash paired with the bright white countertops and cabinets gave the space a refreshing contemporary look. Darker gray contrasts with the lighter color palette through the stainless steel appliances and unique pendant lights. To the corner of the kitchen, you’ll find a discreet built-in study. Fully equipped for those who work from home or for the children to finish school projects. This tiny office is perfect for bringing the whole family together, through breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Penny Kitchen Remodel

This magnificent 19th century home project was a complete gut job. The kitchen had a comprehensive facelift with a new gas range and exhaust system, zinc and butcher block countertops, and reclaimed wood pantry doors from Morocco. The zinc countertop will only benefit with age and will eventually have an iridescent blue-gray gloss. The old longstanding peninsula had to go and was redesigned into a chic breakfast nook. A notable feature in Lincoln Household Services this kitchen is the personalized antique penny backsplash. This backsplash is a touching tribute to the client’s late father who was an avid coin collector.

South Loop Kitchen Renovation

Our Lincoln Household Services clients needed to update, adjust and maximize storage and functionality in their kitchen. The floor to ceiling, extra-long pantry, was specially designed and installed to give the clients exactly what they needed – more space. The clients are very happy that everything now has a place in the kitchen with the maximum cabinet storage provided for them. Staining the cabinets dark was inspired for a more modern look that contrasts the light and elegant open-concept space. Wows, look at the amazing view of Soldier Field!

By the original homeowner, who was an architect? As a result of his skillset, the interior featured a very unique style that housed an open floor plan with exposed heavy timber beams. These homeowners did not want to lose that feel, when they came to us for ideas for their enclosed kitchen. We were able to expand the space even more by removing two walls and moving the entire kitchen to the back exterior wall. This move allowed for a 10’ island with waterfall quartz countertops, and is equipped with storage on both sides. We also added a buffet, by the stairs that is equipped with plenty of storage, a wine fridge and a hidden rollway cabinet section, so that the home owners could access their landing freely. For the finishes, we went with a more modern approach, to accentuate the style of the original architecture.

Why should I chose Lincoln Household Services by Ken Kelly to do my project?

Kitchen Remodeling Company near Omaha Lincoln Council Bluffs:  The Company has been in business for over 30 years with 90 percent of our sales from client referrals, which is a real testimony to our commitment to performance. Thanks to our Long Island and tristate clients, we are the Wood Mode dealer in Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA. Lincoln Household Services has also been consistently ranked in the nation’s top 20 as a Master’s Club dealer for the last 20 years. Our team has won several Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA Design Competition Awards, was ranked in the top 500 Remodeling Firms in the country by Remodeling Magazine, and was honored Contractor of the Year. Our design in the top 10 Best Kitchen Design Remodeling blogs. Ken and Grace are members of the Blanco Design Council and have participated in blog tours and industry shows around the globe keeping abreast of and sharing the latest innovations in the kitchen industry. In addition, Lincoln Household Services team has been together for a long time handling every aspect of ordering, delivery, project management, and installation. We meet our clients’ budgets and are on schedule with our work because we have an efficient project management and installation procedure that gets all the components correct. Outstanding design is how we get everything right for our clients. Design gets us to the right budget without compromise, and design is why a client will love their kitchen every day. Lincoln Household Services is always improving. Right now, we are expanding by bringing in new looks, new products, new displays, and increasing our showroom space.

How much will it cost to remodel our kitchen?

Kitchens are like most anything else that you purchase: the costs are entirely dependent on the price of the materials chosen and the complexity of the job. An industry rule of thumb is to consider 10-20% of the house’s market value when estimating a kitchen remodel. It is good to keep in mind that a remodeled kitchen is an investment that will increase the value of your home. We offer cabinetry at many different price levels to fit your budget and give you the best design within that budget.

How long will it take to remodel our kitchen?

A small job will take less time to complete; larger or more complex jobs take more time. There are three phases to the complete project. Phase One is The Design Phase. We are capable of moving very quickly through the Design Phase. In some cases, clients will take from several weeks to several months to make final decisions on the style and the finish of their cabinetry. In addition to the cabinet choices, decisions on countertops, appliances, back splashes, and flooring also need to be made. Once those decisions have been made, we can order the cabinets and phase two begins. Phase Two: Cabinet Lead Time. Lead time varies from manufacturer to manufacturer but typically takes approximately 8-12 weeks to be delivered. Phase Three: Job Completion Stage. From the start of the demolition, through renovation, to a fully working kitchen is typically 8 weeks. Times will vary based on the complexity of the job, and your designer will be able to give you a more specific time frame based on your job requirements.

Are your services limited to kitchens and baths?

NO, absolutely not! We are often commissioned to design and provide cabinetry for all the rooms in your home. Visit our other room’s gallery and see some of our projects. We often design Entertainment Centers, Bookcases, Closets, Wet Bars, Wine Cellars, Bars, Laundry Rooms, Mud Rooms, Garages, Basements, Outdoor Kitchens and more. In fact, we just completed a dog room with a raised bathtub, cabinetry for storage, and a radiant heat-tiled floor.

Does Lincoln Household Services handle the entire project, or do I find other contractors for the flooring, lighting and décor?

Our job is to handle the whole design process and installation from start to finish. Lincoln Household Services is a full-service turn-key design firm capable of handling all your project needs.. Our design team, field team, and administrative support team will oversee every detail in order to deliver everything on time and on budget while maintaining our company’s high standards and impressive reputation for client satisfaction. We will always strive to give you the most value for your budgeted dollars, never cutting corners on design or quality.

What if I want to purchase just the cabinets?

You can purchase the cabinets only if you prefer. We would design the project, confirm the measurements, and provide a supportive role for you and your contractor throughout your project.

If I have a small budget, will you do my kitchen?

Yes, of course. We carry a full line of products that can meet most budgets. Our creative design team can really help you stretch your dollar. What we don’t do and won’t do is cut corners.  We believe that to be the Best Price it always must be a Complete Price and meet the client’s objectives with products, design, and service that will never disappoint. If you have a smaller budget, it is even more important for you to put your investment in the trustworthy hands of our professionals. Designs provides you with far more ideas, more inspiration, and more attention to detail, more service, and more quality options for your budget. If you choose us to install and do the complete project, our team oversees every aspect of your renovation including all the general contracting, tradespeople, schedules, and project details to ensure a seamless installation. Stop in for a free in-store consultation or sign up for a phone consultation for advice.

Can I keep the design plans?

Throughout the design process, you will be provided with various drawings of your kitchen, which include detailed floor plans, perspective drawings, and elevations. All plans will be released upon signing your contract. If you would like plans to be released during the design process, than choose our Package 2 Option. All design retainers are credited to the cost of your cabinet purchase.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling Company near Omaha Lincoln Council Bluffs:  The average cost for updating a 200-square-foot kitchen with 30 linear feet of countertops and cabinetry in Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA area is $26,055. In this renovation, cabinet boxes are preserved but new cabinet panels and drawer fronts are added with new hardware. New laminate countertops are installed, along with a mid-priced sink and faucet. A new, energy-efficient cooktop/oven range and refrigerator are also added. A wall covering is installed, alongside repainted trim work, and a new, resilient floor. Kitchens with these specifications typically recoup 75.4% of the initial investment, or $19,640.

Major Kitchen Remodel

For a more extensive Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA area kitchen remodel of the same dimensions, where 30 linear feet of semi custom, wood cabinets are installed, along with a 3-by-5-foot island, the average cost is $76,066. Countertops are laminate, and a standard, double-tub, stainless-steel sink with a new, single-lever faucet are added. An energy-efficient range with a ventilation system is installed, as are a built-in microwave, a garbage disposal, dishwasher, and custom lighting. The ceiling, walls, and trim are all painted, and new resilient flooring is added. Kitchens remodeled according to these specifications typically return 59.5%, or $45,293.

Luxury Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling Company near Omaha Lincoln Council Bluffs:  A luxury kitchen remodel where a space of the same dimensions is remodeled with high-end features costs $144,514. Thirty linear feet of top-of-the-line, custom cabinets with built-in sliding shelves and additional interior accessories are installed below stone countertops with imported ceramic or glass tile backsplashes. A high-end, under-mount sink with a water filtration system and designer faucets is also added.

New features include a commercial-grade cooktop with a vent hood, a wall oven, a built-in microwave, and a built-in refrigerator. General and task lighting, such as low-voltage, under-cabinet lighting, is also installed. Tile or wood look-alike flooring is included. A luxury kitchen remodel of these dimensions typically recoups 56.1%, or $81,081.

The average cost of a kitchen remodel in Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA is $20,000. While that may seem high, we have seen kitchen renovations in Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA cost as little as $10,000. On the flip side, we have also seen other kitchen remodels cost as much as $38,262 in River North.

If you’re remodeling your entire kitchen, many Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA homeowners reported the following cost breakdown:

    Cabinetry & Hardware: 29% Installation: 17% Appliances & Ventilation: 14% Countertops: 10% Flooring: 7% Walls & Ceilings: 5% Lighting: 5% Design Fees: 4% Doors & Windows: 4% Faucets & Plumbing: 4% Other: 1%

If you’re not renovating the entire room, your kitchen remodeling cost will largely come down to what you choose to update.

Kitchen Labor Costs In Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA

Kitchen Remodeling Company near Omaha Lincoln Council Bluffs:  If you’re experiencing some sticker shock right now, don’t worry. Most likely, materials will take up 65% to 70% of your total kitchen remodeling budget. The remaining 30% will encompass labor and miscellaneous expenses [like delivery and permits].

Therefore, with the average Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA kitchen remodel cost at $20,000, expect roughly $8,100 of that total to go towards labor. For smaller Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA kitchen projects, expect per hour prices between $100 and $400. As an example, the average hourly rate for a Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA plumber is between $100 and $150.

Since 30% of your kitchen remodeling budget is going towards labor, it pays to shop around. Use Improve Net to get at least three quotes from Omaha Lincoln NE Council Bluffs IA kitchen contractors.

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